Lloyd Richards Design

Jul 22, 2020

Create a timeline visualization of my CV

The plan here is to build a system in which a timeline of past education and experiance. There are several pieces here that I'd like to include in this diagram including linking blurbs and their place on the timeline, as well as tooltips for included skills.

First step is to setup D3.js with a timeline and a simple input for data and squares. Lets have a go at the new(er) .join() pattern in React.

Adding Elements

Okay, so thats a working D3 example. With this, the data is being managed by React and useStae() and then usinguseEffect()
D3 can take over the manipulation of the svgs inside its box. While I'm sure D3 could build the whole timeline I'm thinking off, what I think is better is if the text blurbs are generated as a list beside the timeline and then using D3, build the timeline and draw lines that connect to the appropriate list item.

Timeline Components

This feels really good. I've built a TimeLine.tsx component that can take in props for the data, including occupations and events which it then renders into this horizontal timeline. The graph scales to the size of the data and even orders the boxes and colours them accoring to their overlap and props. So cool to see this come together so nicely!

The timeline here is build with some dummy data which is being managed in the parent component which should allow me to edit and tweak the data on the go as well as filter it. Lets have a go

Add Elements with Form

That kind of works. There seems to be an issue with the different layers of boxes not being removed when changing layers, but i'm not really sure what to do about this.

The question now is: Do I render the whole chart in one go, including the text on the side? Or should this be a seperate component that lists the items and then I can figure out how to draw a line between them?