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I'm a Zurich-based Interaction Engineer. Data visualisation is a potent tool for understanding and communicating complex information. As a garden designer, I aimed to create beautiful, sustainable spaces that enhance the well-being of people and the planet. Now as a web developer, I want to empower people to understand the earth better.

In my life, I've travelled to many places, met many people, and pursued varied careers. From a baker in Canada to a bamboo builder in Costa Rica and from a landscaper in England to a web designer in Switzerland, I've always been passionate about learning new skills and applying them to real-world projects.

My approach to problem-solving is rooted in three core principles:

This website is a personal portfolio and experimental space where I can showcase my projects, experiment with new ideas, and share my thoughts and experiences through blogging. Please feel free to explore my recent projects, read my experiments and blog posts, and contact me directly via the form below or through social media.