011 - Implimenting some Data

Date: June 21th 2020

The plan now is to start implimenting some data and figuring out how to remove specific paths. I came up with a functions while on a hike yesterday that should help to control the movement of plastic between the various routes. Currently all the routes are given equal weight so there is no priority for certain routes.

    parent: "Bale-PP-Hand",
    require: "PPHandSorting",
    possible: ["Mixed-HDPERecovery_2", "Regrind-PP"],
    probability: [1,19],
    waste: "PPHandSorting-Garbage",
export const func = (arrayRoutes, arrayProb) => {
  if (arrayRoutes.length === arrayProb.length){
    let arrayReturn = [];
    for(const x=0; x < arrayRoutes.length; x++){
      for (const y=0; y< arrayProb[x]; y++){
    return arrayReturn;
  } else {console.log("The Routes and Probabilities don't match!")}

What this should do when its given the object.possible and object.probability is build an array of routes equal to the numbers in the probability. So for the example above it would be a 5% chance of going to Mixed-HDPERecovery-2 and 95% chance to go to Regrind-PP. This will also allow me to remoce the garbage routes and instead impliment something that is more evident of when a system is missing such as the material just dropping out the pipe and keeping its type and plastic.

The second problem is that currently everything moves 1:1 across the diagram and this makes everything quite liniar. What i would like to do is impliment something that adds up over time and fires only when a certain amount has been formed. For PET this could be 10 Bottles `>` 1 Bale `>` 25 Regrind `>` 1 Pellet `>` 10 Bottles. In this way the material is conserved across the diagram, but because there are waste streams and inefficiencies in the system, it doesnt always mean that putting 10 bottles in will make 10 bottles out, and probablt not when you only put 10 in.

rPET Mixed RefinerPET Mixed GrinderrPET Seperate RefinerPET Seperate GrinderPET Machine SortingPET Hand SortingrHDPE Seperate RefinerHDPE Seperate GrinderrHDPE Mixed RefinerHDPE Mixed GrinderHDPE Machine SortingHDPE Hand SortingrLDPE RefinerLDPE Machine SortingLDPE Hand SortingOther RefinerOTHER Machine SortingOTHER Hand SortingPP GrinderPP Machine SortingPP Hand SortingrPS RefinerPS GrinderEPS SmelterPS Machine SortingPS Hand SortingrPP RefinerrPVC RefinerPVC GrinderPVC Hand SortingProduct Construction InfillProduct Picture FramesProduct Garden FurnitureProduct rPET ClothsProduct HDPE PipesProduct ConcreteProduct Office SuppliesProduct PVC PipesProduct ToysProduct Bottle CapsProduct HDPE BottlesProduct PET BottlesProduct PET FurnitureProduct BucketsProduct InsulationProduct Landscape FabricProduct rPET FiberProduct Window FramesProduct Plastic Bags